Planning for Electrical in Your Remodel or Addition

If you’re thinking about remodeling or adding on to your home, you have many options to consider. Planning electrical upgrades is important to consider from the start of your project.

Before you add-on to your home or remodel existing spaces, we’ll inspect your home to see what kind of wiring upgrades will be needed for your new space. The evaluation will determine if your home’s existing electrical system can handle the increased load put on it by additional devices and possibly appliances. If you’re putting an addition on that will increase your square footage, you’ll need more lighting and outlets. If there are new appliances, you will need dedicated circuits. If your current system is maxed out, it will need to be upgraded to offer enough power.

Our experienced electricians can help you plan your remodel. We will help determine what the electrical needs will be in the new space and create a wiring diagram to make sure outlets and switches are placed appropriately to match your design goals. The wiring diagram will include the locations of switches, outlets, lighting controls and appliances. We will pull the necessary permits and contact the electric company if the renovation is near an electrical feeder line that needs to be relocated.

Your remodel may include electrical upgrades, such as:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Outlets
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Hallway and staircase lighting
  • Wiring for light fixtures
  • Three-way switches
  • Dimmer switches
  • Overhead and Task Lighting
  • Separate meter for a rental unit
  • New circuits

Our experienced electricians will help you figure the power demands of the new space depending on for what you plan to use it. We will ensure safe and reliable installation of all new electrical components. Contact us to get started with a free and no-obligation estimate for your project.

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