Holiday Lighting Tips

Once Thanksgiving is done, many of us are in the mood to hang holiday lights to decorate our homes. Whether you’re seeking to have the best display ever – “Christmas Vacation” style or just want to tastefully highlight a few features, we have tips for hanging lights safely and saving money on electricity:

  • Keep away from overhead power lines when hanging lights from a ladder or moving a ladder around.
  • Don’t stand too high on your ladder or extend it too far. (Getting injured in a fall can ruin your holiday spirit!)
  • Use extension cords rated for outdoor use and don’t overload outlets.
  • Use clips designed for holding wire instead of nails to avoid damaging your siding and cords.
  • Put cords under mulch to hide them from site and prevent a tripping hazard.
  • Use LED lights to reduce the amount of power your display consumes by up to 80% over incandescent lights.
  • Solar holiday lights don’t need to be plugged in and come in unique shapes and sizes.
  • Use a timer to control when your light display turns on and off and always come home to a nice light show.


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holiday light tips

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