Outdoor Lighting Tips for Fall

As the days grow shorter, the need for outdoor lighting becomes apparent to many homeowners. When it’s time to fall back, it’s also time to consider upgrading security and safety lighting around your house. In addition to making it safer to get to and from your house, outdoor lighting can also highlight beautiful features of your home’s architecture or landscape. There are many types of outdoor lighting to consider, such as:

  • Solar-powered and electric pathway lighting
  • Motion-detection security lighting
  • Solar and Electric String lights used for accent lighting
  • Driveway and entrance safety lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Up-lighting and down-lighting architectural features
  • Tree and landscape spotlighting
  • Water feature lighting


Once you’ve selected the type of lighting you wish to have. See the tips below to make lighting up your home and landscape easier. If you need an electrician to assist you, call us for a free estimate.

Outdoor Lighting Tips:

  • Use a timer that turns your outdoor lights on at dusk. An outdoor light timer will adjust for daylight savings time so it never needs to be adjusted.
  • Setup different zones for outdoor lights. This allows you to have safety lights on all night but turn off feature lighting at a set time to save energy.
  • Install fixtures with lights that have adjustable colors to allow you to use color to change the mood.
  • Use LED, low voltage and solar lighting to save energy and reduce your electric bill.

  • Be a good neighbor and make sure lights are not too bright or are pointing at your neighbor’s home. Be considerate of their sleep.


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