Check Out These Winter Pandemic Electrical Problems & Tips

Pandemic Electrical Tips

Electrical Issues Caused by Being at Home More Many people are spending more time now in their homes than they did in the past due to the pandemic. Since we are home more, we are using electrical equipment more often and experiencing electrical problems when things break or malfunction. For instance, a frequently used bathroom…

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Retirement Announcement

Jim Zimmerman has decided to retire from Bausum & Duckett effective September 11th, 2020. Jim started with us back in October of 1986 as a helper in our residential department 34 years ago. Jim quickly moved along as an electrician wiring projects such as townhomes for various builders to large custom homes. His expertise with…

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10 Summer Electrical Tips

Smart Electrical Tips for Summer

Read our summer electrical tips to find out how to save some money on your electricity bill and stay safe around electricity. Block the hot summer sun with blinds, shades and/or drapes to keep heat out and keep your rooms cooler. Adjust your thermostat to the highest temperature you can tolerate to keep your energy…

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What to Know About Having Electrical Service During the Pandemic

Electrical Repair Questions during COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought big changes to our lives. People are staying at home to take care of their families and communities during the COVID-19 crisis. People are isolating and careful about inviting others into their homes or businesses. We share your concern for health during this difficult time. However, if your home…

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