Common Electrical Repairs & Upgrades Needed Around the Home

Do you want to upgrade your home this summer or fall? Here are some common electrical reapirs and upgrade projects to get you started:

  1. GFCI Outlet installation or repair – Changing an outlet to a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet is a common repair in a home. A GFCI outlet offers electrocution and fire protection from electrical ground faults. They are required to be installed in many areas of your home such as outdoors and in the kitchen. You should test your GFCI outlets monthly. You can do this easily by plugging in a light fixture and turning on the switch. Then push the outlet’s test button. If the light stays on, the GFCI needs to be replaced.

  3. Ceiling Fan Installation – Ceiling fans can help cool your room in summer or heat it in winter by circulating warmer air. New ceiling fans are more energy-efficient. They can be a pain to install by yourself however.

  5. Bathroom Fan Installation – Bathrooms need proper ventilation. An old or broken bathroom fan can lead to problems with moisture buildup and mold. Bathroom fans need to be vented to the outdoors. Venting into an attic, even a vented attic, is not a good idea as it can cause excessive moisture on the roof structure and insulation and even mold growth in the attic. A properly sized bathroom fan prevents fogged-up mirrors, odors and shower steam buildup.

  7. New fixture or Outlet Installation – Adding a new fixture or outlet to a room can be a necessary upgrade to make a space more useful and light it better. Call on an electrician to install a new outlet. You can replace a fixture on your own but should call an electrician to add a fixture where there wasn’t one before. The best part is picking out a new fixture to express your style.

  9. Circuit Panel upgrade – If you are adding more appliances, electronic equipment or fixtures to your home, you may need an upgrade. An electrician can look at your existing panel and see if it can handle additional load. An overloaded circuit panel can cause electric problems such as tripped circuits.

  11. Security light installation – Feel more secure when arriving home after dark with security lighting. Security lighting can be motion-activated to light a dark pathway or doors. There are many types of energy-efficient security lighting available including halogen exterior flood lights, solar flood lights, and motion-activated lights.

  13. Smart smoke alarm installation – Upgrading your smoke alarm system is an important way to improve your family’s safety in the event of a fire. New smoke alarms are connected to the internet by Wifi and relay alerts to your smartphone, or automatically turn on the lights. With instant alerts to your phone, you can alert emergency services before someone else notices a problem even if you are away on vacation. Smart smoke alarms come in both wired and battery versions for ease-of-installation.


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