Check Out These Winter Pandemic Electrical Problems & Tips

Electrical Issues Caused by Being at Home More

Many people are spending more time now in their homes than they did in the past due to the pandemic. Since we are home more, we are using electrical equipment more often and experiencing electrical problems when things break or malfunction. For instance, a frequently used bathroom light switch is suddenly stuck in the on position. Any attempt to turn it off and it pops back on. The homeowner spent a couple of hours trying to fix the issue to no avail and then called in an electrician to their Catonsville home. The electrician discovered there was a metal tab not set properly in the switch and fixed the problem in minutes.

In another example, a homeowner had an issue with his ceiling fan suddenly emitting smoke even though it wasn’t turned on in his Davidsonville, Maryland home. Luckily, he was there to turn off the circuits before a fire could start. It turned out to be loose wiring that shorted and didn’t trip the breaker when it should have.

Others who are now working from home are having issues with not having enough power or circuits to handle the load caused by additional computers & devices used for work and home school. And many are finding that they do not have enough light to make doing remote work and school a pleasant and not eye-straining experience.

Minor electrical issues can lead to big problems if ignored. Don’t be hesitant to call an electrician for help. Bausum & Duckett’s electricians are following the CDC’s recommended safety protocols to keep your family and our electricians safe & protected during this time.

How Can You Prevent Electrical Problems in the Winter?

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few common issues that happen with electrical equipment in the winter. Firstly, be mindful of safety in the winter. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fires happen more often during the winter months when we are shut up in our homes. Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors or test the ones you have now. If they are battery-operated, change the batteries. Secondly, check your electrical equipment such as appliances for wear and tear or frays on the cords and clean dust from them. Keeping your refrigerator coils clean and dryer vents clean improves performance and safety. Thirdly, and most importantly, if you have an electrical repair to do, make sure power is turned off before you begin work. Use a voltmeter to double-check before you touch any wires. In conclusion, being aware of simple maintenance will improve your safety and stop major problems from happening.

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Pandemic Electrical Tips

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