Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Saving on your electricity usage is easier now with high efficiency and long-lasting light bulbs available at a reasonable cost. Check your house to see if you are using LED light bulbs in your fixtures. If not, make a plan to upgrade to them. If you’re concerned that they produce light that is too harsh and cold, that was a problem when they just came out but now they can also produce warm temperature light. Make sure to check the package for color temperature rating:

  • Warm glow – 2,200-2,700K
  • Soft white – 2,700K
  • Bright white – 3,000K
  • Cool white – 4,000K
  • Daylight – 5,000K


You should also check your home for air leaks and seal any that you can. This will keep your air-conditioned or heated air from leaking out and wasting your energy dollars. Your utility company wants to help you reduce your energy usage. BGE offers a free energy checkup service where they will check your home for common energy-wasting problems and offer solutions.

BGE also offers an Energy Savers program that will cycle your electricity on Energy Saving Days to reduce usage and credit you with money off your bill.

Adding insulation to your attic is a good way to keep air from leaking and reduce your bill.

See this video on how to insulate your attic:


Using the proper window treatments will help keep the sun out on a hot day and keep the heat in on a cold night. Use blinds and shades with a layer of thermal insulated drapes. Light or white color reflects up to 33% of solar radiation to keep heat out. For instance, if you have an enclosed porch and close the drapes at night you may be able to keep houseplants going through the winter with just a little heat added.

Old-fashioned awnings and outdoor shades help keep heat out of your home in the summertime.

Updating old electric appliances to more energy-efficient models that are EnergyStar® rated is a worthwhile investment. Modern electric appliances use much less energy than older ones.

Follow your instruction manual and fill your fridge and freezer properly. If you don’t have your manual, search online for it. Clean your refrigerator coils to save energy and keep it running at peak efficiency.

Follow the tips above and you will reduce your electricity bill. Call us if you need help with any energy-efficiency electrical upgrades. We install efficient light fixtures.


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