The Solution to Summer Storm Power Outages

Standby Power Generator Defeats Summer Storms Summer brings mild, warm weather and longer days. But, with that, there is also a greater chance of wind and thunderstorms. If you live in a wooded area that’s prone to power outages, you should plan ahead for the next outage or power surge. Power surges can damage expensive electronics and appliances. Outages can mean flooding due to sump pumps being off, food spoilage and uncomfortable living conditions including no light or internet.

Because Downtime is Not an Option

Your family needs the power to work. You can’t afford to be disconnected from the world for hours or even days during a power outage. Your family members may have special needs were losing electric power can be dangerous for their health. So, having a permanent backup generator from a reliable brand such as Kohler can save the day. In addition, you won’t have to deal with making sure your portable generator has fuel or is ready to run. In fact, portable generators are often stolen since they are valuable and easy-to-remove. A permanently installed generator is not easy to take.

Peace of Mind for Better Sleep

Kohler residential power systems can protect your whole house against outages or just your critical systems including lights, refrigeration and air conditioning. We offer the top-selling power system on the market because it works the best.

Protection for Businesses

Businesses should also consider the benefits of having a Kohler commercial power system. Losing revenue due to power outages can be avoided. You will also protect your systems with natural gas and LP-fueled standby generators that are tough enough to backup your entire office.

We’re a Certified Kohler Generator Dealer Offering Sales Installation and Service up to 150kW

We also install and service Generac, Onan and Other Brands of Generators

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