Spa Wiring Installation & Swimming Pool Electrical Installation

Safe spa wiring installation

Putting Your Safety First

Adding a pool, spa, or hot tub to your home is a great way to have fun, relax and enjoy your property. Selecting the type of pool or spa is one part of the process. Another part is to choose a licensed electrician who can ensure safety and a perfect installation. Safety is critical when combining water and electricity. An experienced electrician from Bausum and Duckett has the knowledge, skills, and technology to do the job properly.

Swimming pools and spas have specific wiring requirements, including:

  • Location – such as they cannot be installed under power lines
  • Nearby Wiring Limits – Low-voltage lighting cannot be installed within a 10-foot radius, even if GFCI protected
  • Types of Wiring Allowed – Underground wiring should be avoided

Keep Warm with a Hot Tub! We Offer Electrical Installation for Hot Tubs

Hot tubs require a dedicated 240-volt GFCI circuit powered by at least 100 amps in order to function properly. Modern homes can handle this type of circuitry and amperage. Older homes may not be ready to handle an increased electrical load. We can determine if a power upgrade is needed or not. Contact us for a free estimate.

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