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Lighting in a New Kitchen We Plan, Design, and Install New Home Wiring for Builders

Are you planning to build a new home or are you a developer building homes in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia? We have experience with planning wiring to best achieve your goals for your project. Our wiring takes into consideration the needs of smart home technology and future expansion. We offer professional new home construction, and remodeling of existing homes wiring services.

New construction allows us to plan the best lighting system design for your home or business. We will take into consideration your goals for lighting and power and make suggestions to enhance your plan and even save you money. We offer safety upgrades like whole-home surge protection that make your new construction stand out among the competition.

Considering Wiring for New Construction

Lighting in a New Bedroom When building a new home, there are many decisions to be made. Deciding on critical systems for your home like electricity is an important choice. Choose an experienced electrician who can help you plan the system that will work best now and for future electrical needs.

To select the best contractor for wiring your new home, choose a certified electrician with experience well-known in your area for pre-wiring new construction.

We will design a system that will exceed your expectations from an electrical rough-in checklist to a plan for smart home wiring.

Building a new home comes with a lot of decisions and planning challenges. Deciding on wiring for a new build should include current and future needs for power. This helps homeowners to use new technologies that may have different power needs in the future without needing to upgrade their system.

Smart Home Automation

Electrical system in new buildWork with electricians who understand smart home technology and can help you offer the latest features to your home buyers. Homeowners want the latest technology that will make life easier in their new home. Contact us for more information.


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