Replacing a Worn Outdoor Electric Line

If you have not updated your electrical wiring in years, you may start to experience problems. Recently, a Catonsville, Maryland customer was experiencing a water leak along an outdoor electrical line that led to their electric meter in the basement. The outdoor line’s coating had deteriorated over the years to the point that it was letting water get into the house and running along the line to the meter. The only solution to fix this problem and prevent water from getting into the electric meter was to replace the line. We were able to disconnect the power and replace the line.  The cost to replace this line was $850.

This is a common problem that occurs in older homes where the power lines have not been updated for years. We recommend visually inspecting your lines and watching out for water issues or power issues such as flickering lights. 

Contact us if you notice any electric line problems and we’ll give you a free estimate on repairing the issue.

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New electric line that goes to electric meter

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