Employee of the Month – Chester Billings “CJ”

Dear Mr. Dorsey,


A couple of years ago I contacted you to express my appreciation for the work of CJ Billings.

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to interact with CJ as he has maintained my home generator and earlier this week ran new lines as we relocated it as my wife, and I are having a new garage built at our house in St. Michaels. Fortunately in my career, prior to retirement, I had the opportunity to hire and work with many interesting individuals, including senior research and technical types.  I always enjoy talking with CJ and seeing how he handles a project, and the great pride he takes in the final outcome and its appearance. Also, I am impressed by his quiet mentoring of younger employees. Today, with inflation, supply chain issues and a struggle to find trained workers, I simply wanted to salute CJ for his good work and the outstanding signal he sends on behalf of the professionalism and strong customer service focus of your company.


With all best wishes,





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