Electrical and Lighting Safety Tips for Fall and Winter

As the days grow shorter and colder, we move indoors and use more electrical power for lighting and heating our homes. Make sure to keep your family safe by following these safety tips:

Outdoor Tips

  • Use power cords rated for outdoor use and check for frayed cords. Don’t overload circuits to prevent fires from overheated wires.
  • Check outlets to make sure they are GFCI outlets with plastic covers that help keep water out and reduce shock risk.
  • Sweep leaves and debris away from power outlets and cords. In case of a spark, dry leaves can easily catch fire. Another reason to keep your foundation clear is that leaves and plant matter against your home can be attractive to rodents, termites and other pests.
  • Add motion-activated outdoor lighting to paths, doors, and driveways. Now that it gets dark earlier, it will help prevent falls and increase security without overlighting the environment.

Indoor Tips

  • Be careful when using space heaters. Space heaters can be a fire risk if they are not used properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep them clear from furniture, drapes, and decorations.
  • Check your smoke alarms. Have hard-wired smoke alarms installed in different areas of your home and every bedroom. If you have battery-operated smoke alarms, check the batteries and replace them when the time changes twice a year. Use a combination of photoelectric and ionization alarms. Ionization alarms don’t always detect fast-moving fires.
  • Add a security system to prevent theft or monitor your home when you’re away for holidays
  • Add new fixtures to light up your space and bring a feeling of warmth. Tour your home as if you are a visitor and note the areas that appear dimly-lit. Improve lighting by using multiple types and strengths of light, placed at different levels to draw the eye.
  • Switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Make sure to choose bulbs with a warm white color tone versus cool. Warm light creates a pleasant effect and improves appearance.

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