Eight Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is often the most important room in your home. Make it stand out with new lighting. Modern LED lighting allows for more lighting options to highlight the architecture of your kitchen and create a mood. It also uses less energy and lasts longer. A well-lit kitchen makes it easier to cook and find your tools and increases your home’s resale value.

  1. Light up shelves with LED light strips below to call attention to your display.
  2. Add LED strip lighting along cabinet toe kicks for an intriguing look.
  3. Upgrade recessed lighting to the newer smaller opening led fixtures that also use less energy.
  4. If you have a glass countertop, add LED lighting below the glass to highlight it.
  5. Add LED lights under cabinets and make your countertop work space safer and more useful. LED lights don’t heat up the way older halogen fixtures do.
  6. Add some lighting inside cabinets and drawers to make it easier to find the utensils or dishes you want to use.
  7. Add beautiful pendant lights to highlight your island or breakfast bar and make your kitchen stand out.
  8. Use a more dramatic fixture like a chandelier to call attention to your kitchen or dining area.

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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