Delray Tower, Alexandria, VA

Delray Towers Entrance

Delray Tower is LEED SILVER-certified, fifteen stories high rise with a two level penthouse & two connecting five stories low rise buildings on three levels of below grade parking. Regulations required working with the original 1962 skeleton structure. The result is stunning but presented numerous challenges.

The existing high rise sits on 3.50 acre lot and was built in 1962. Due to new city ordinances if the existing structure was completely removed any new structure erected in its place could not have been as tall. Thus the entire existing building skin and all interior finishes were removed leaving only the skeleton of the existing structure. This would allow the building height to remain as constructed in 1962 however it would pose many obstacles.

Construction Challenges

The existing building had very low ceilings which did not allow much room to conceal MEP work. This required extensive coordination meetings multiple times per week between all trades. Typical apartments did not stack with the floors above creating a challenging design of the riser systems for the unit feeders. The low ceilings demanded close attention to fixture selection and installation methods. New structures to include a 501 space parking garage, new retail and additional apartment units were added to the North & South sides of the existing structure, all three structures are joined by a connector on the east side. The North building is separated from the existing structure by a sky light this posed a significant challenge to distribute power and telecommunications on the project. The main electrical service entered the project in the existing building and had to be distributed to the new structures. The telephone service entered the project in the new structures and had to be distributed to the existing structure. Both conduit paths in excess of 20,000′ of 4″ EMT conduit traveled via the new garage. Extensive coordination was required between all trades and the conduits had to be routed in a way not to block the natural light from the sky light or obscure the view. Over 350 outdoor condensing units located on all three roof tops provided a challenging layout. Disconnect banks where designed and installed before the roofing membrane.

Overall the project was completed as scheduled even with the difficulties it presented and changes made thought the duration of the project.

Delray Towers Grill Area

The End Result

It is a vibrant home base near the nation’s capital; apartments offer a wonderful blend of “Main Street” life and urban energy. Views from the fabulous rooftop penthouse include historic Alexandria in one direction and bustling Washington DC in the other. Common areas include elegant clubhouse, roof top pool, business center, outdoor seating/cooking area, 3700 square feet Dog Park, outdoor jogging track/fitness stations, and premium fitness center.

The Apartments include beautiful finishes; they are fitted with granite countertops with glass backsplashes, and stainless steel appliances with glass shelving. Underfoot, select homes feature a choice of deep Java-colored hardwood or ultra-modern stained concrete. Large windows to allow plenty of sun light in during the day and a mixture of modern recess and surface mounted fixtures for a stunning night time look.

Delray Towers Roof Track

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