Portable Generator Safety Tips

Portable Generator Safety

Portable power generators are often the first thing people turn to during a power outage caused by a storm to make sure their home’s important appliances and sump pump have power. Improperly using a generator like this can lead to danger. According to the CPSC’s report, 220 people died from carbon monoxide while using portable…

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Storm Safety Tips

Electricity Storm Safety

Strong storms and natural disasters can create a variety of electrical hazards in and around your house. Hazards can be caused by lightning, wind, or ice storms bringing down branches on power lines or floods around live electricity.  Preparing for a Power Outage Keep a first aid kit handy with a list of your family’s…

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Holiday Lighting Tips

holiday light tips

Once Thanksgiving is done, many of us are in the mood to hang holiday lights to decorate our homes. Whether you’re seeking to have the best display ever – “Christmas Vacation” style or just want to tastefully highlight a few features, we have tips for hanging lights safely and saving money on electricity: Keep away…

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Planning for Electrical in Your Remodel or Addition

Planning a remodeling projects

If you’re thinking about remodeling or adding on to your home, you have many options to consider. Planning electrical upgrades is important to consider from the start of your project. Before you add-on to your home or remodel existing spaces, we’ll inspect your home to see what kind of wiring upgrades will be needed for…

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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Fall

Entrance lighting

As the days grow shorter, the need for outdoor lighting becomes apparent to many homeowners. When it’s time to fall back, it’s also time to consider upgrading security and safety lighting around your house. In addition to making it safer to get to and from your house, outdoor lighting can also highlight beautiful features of…

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