Why is Upgrading Electrical Service to 200 Amp Needed?

Wire Inspection

When is it time to “heavy up” your electrical panel or upgrade to 200 amp service? A heavy up means to upgrade your service panel to handle increased amperage load to your home. This is needed when your home’s existing electrical system can’t handle the electrical needs of today’s appliances, HVAC systems, computers, hot tubs…

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Carl Gross – Employee of the Month

Carl is currently working at the American University project. He has earned this award for his outstanding hard work and efforts in completing any and all tasks given him. We appreciate his setting a fine example to all his peers as well

Joey Puliatti

Joey has been with us for over 3 years. Now in his third year of apprenticeship. He has work on multi-family and commercial projects and and always, giving his best to get the job done as you can see in his photo.

Updating Lighting in Your Home

Room with different types of lighting

The average age of a house in the United States is approximately 37 years old. If your house is getting on in years, it may be time to consider updating your lighting. What worked well even just a decade ago may not be working well now. With advances in lighting and smart home technology, there…

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Check Out These Winter Pandemic Electrical Problems & Tips

Pandemic Electrical Tips

Electrical Issues Caused by Being at Home More Many people are spending more time now in their homes than they did in the past due to the pandemic. Since we are home more, we are using electrical equipment more often and experiencing electrical problems when things break or malfunction. For instance, a frequently used bathroom…

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