What to Know About Having Electrical Service During the Pandemic

Electrical Repair Questions during COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought big changes to our lives. People are staying at home to take care of their families and communities during the COVID-19 crisis. People are isolating and careful about inviting others into their homes or businesses. We share your concern for health during this difficult time. However, if your home…

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Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

LED Lightbulb image

Saving on your electricity usage is easier now with high efficiency and long-lasting light bulbs available at a reasonable cost. Check your house to see if you are using LED light bulbs in your fixtures. If not, make a plan to upgrade to them. If you’re concerned that they produce light that is too harsh…

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Maintain Your Standby Generator and Be Ready for Any Weather

Generator Maintenance photo

Having a backup power source is reassuring. You know that you will have power for your critical home systems and be able to protect your family from the effects of power outages. Keep your generator ready to go by keeping it maintained. Your owner’s manual will tell you what maintenance is recommended for your model…

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Congratulations to Skyler Todd for Completing Apprenticeship

Skyler Todd completes apprenticeship

Congratulations to Skyler Todd for the completion of the 4 year IEC apprenticeship program. Todd started out working in the Residential & Service Departments during the first two years here at B & D. Since then he has expanded his experiences in the construction of larger apartment complexes with underground parking with light commercial retail…

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Kody Herd – Employee of the Month

I just want to say that your hard work is really appreciated, that you are able to stay on top of schedule and starting up the system. It does not go unnoticed that you are coming up on over 30 straight days worked without a day off. Understood that you have had little to no…

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