Kody Herd – Employee of the Month

I just want to say that your hard work is really appreciated, that you are able to stay on top of schedule and starting up the system. It does not go unnoticed that you are coming up on over 30 straight days worked without a day off. Understood that you have had little to no…

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Check Your Home for Aluminum Wiring

Wire Inspection

Is aluminum wiring safe? In the 1970s, aluminum wiring was used as a cheaper alternative to copper wiring. Aluminum wiring is generally safe when properly installed. However, it has properties that are different than copper wiring. This can make it unsafe over time. Since it’s softer it can be more easily damaged while being installed….

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Electrical and Lighting Safety Tips for Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter Electrical Safety Tips image

As the days grow shorter and colder, we move indoors and use more electrical power for lighting and heating our homes. Make sure to keep your family safe by following these safety tips: Outdoor Tips Use power cords rated for outdoor use and check for frayed cords. Don’t overload circuits to prevent fires from overheated…

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Chris Reese – Employee of the Month

Chris is currently overseeing the deck work at Robinson Landing, with his leadership and sometimes, in less than ideal conditions, he has consistently finished the work that needed to be done no matter the project assigned. He’s a good example of what an electrician should be to the apprentices that work under him. He also…

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Chester Billings “CJ” – August Employee of the Month

CJ is a great asset to your company. He is very personable and above all dependable. Both times I have worked projects with him I have done so remotely. He has gone the extra step to contact and coordinate with other contractors and our maintenance person. I really appreciate his extra effort. Thanks, Matt Hranicka