Solar Panels Installation in DE, MD, DC and VA

With electric utility rates on the rise and an increased focus in “green living,” now is the time to invest in a solar system for your home.

New Federal and State financial incentives make solar power an even smarter choice today. Bausum & Duckett, an AEE solar dealer/installer, can customize a system to fit your needs with state-of-the art technology and energy system design solutions.

  • Net metering
  • PV panels and installation
  • Battery backups
  • On-grid or off-grid
  • Solar arrays
  • Solar dock lighting
  • Solar landscape lighting

Bausum & Duckett offers full solar system design and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert the sun’s energy into electricity for your home. Take advantage of the many rebates and incentives provided by Federal, state and local governments to help offset the installation of your new PV system for your home or business.

Solar Panel System, Frederick, Maryland
Private Residence: Located in Frederick MD this 10.2 KW PV system mounted to the roof with complete southern exposure that ...
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Webster Res 10 KW PV Solar Utility Connected System

Private Residence: Located in Wolford MD this 6 KW PV system is a ground-mounted system to provide the best southern ...
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Harris Res 6 KW PV Solar Utility Connected System

Grid-tied systems are the most common and produce power during the day typically when no one is home. This mid-day energy is sent back to the utility grid and you can actually watch your meter roll backwards during the day. Your excess solar energy is sold back to the utility at peak rates, giving you the highest value for the excess energy you generate. Each month your bill will be lowered by the amount of electricity your PV system has put back on the grid thru an agreement with the local utility called “Net Metering.” This will be a direct offset from the amount of electricity you use each month. Many solar homes enjoy reducing their electric bills by 50 to 100%!

Life expectancies and manufacturer warranties of over 25 years for residential solar power systems make them a long term “win-win” investment for your family’s future, your utility consumption and the environment. We can quickly assess whether solar will work well for your home and work up an estimate that takes into account the state and federal incentives that can help make it an even easier decision.

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